Customized Other Encoded Hotel Keycards Miwa Salto Betech Onity Salto Suretech

TJ have more than 13 technicians and we develoed a wide rang of rfid hotel keycards including mifare 1k chip, ultralght v1 chip,temic T5577 chip, HID chip and tk4100chip, these rfid hotel key cards can work fo Vingcard, Betech, Onity, Salto, Suretech, Xeeder, Orbita, Tecage, Adel, Hune, Beline,Level, Digi, Hlg, Duluns, Bonmin, Donwin, Hotek,Syron, Ratco, Tengo etc.Besides, we can do Saflok, KABA,MIWA,VCC,LLco,Onity 1k, Onity SRI512,Securelock, Securelox,Salto Ultralight C,Hafele TI2048 rfid keycards as well.